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Cláudia - Content management and search engine optimization (SEO)

After providing our customers with a website with an online shop with all the features they may need, Cláudia takes care of improving the design and appearance of the website, brand, images, products, and shares this information over the internet to increase the company's ranking in search engines (SEO)

We think it is not enough to just deliver a good website to our customers. We want our customers to grow their businesses and make money from our websites. That's why we have Cláudia.


She treats our clients' companies as if they were hers, creating an image adapted to new trends on the web. Google's and other search engines' algorithms are constantly changing, so Cláudia is always informed of new changes, and uses this knowledge to adapt the texts, contents, images and internal features of our clients' websites so that they can always have the advantage over their competition.


Graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design, she knows exactly which image will appeal to the clients of any company. And using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, publicizing the company on Social Media websites, creating blogs, analyzing the results, graphs and statistics of the searches and adapting her work accordingly, she can put any company at the top of the search engine ranking for all the most important keywords for the business.


Undoubtedly our customers benefit a lot from her work. They only need to focus on running their business, and watch their website rise in the rankings every week in the weekly reports she sends.




Having a passion for cacti and succulents, she has fun gardening and collecting these plants. In the summer she likes to go for jeep rides in the mountains and camp with friends near lakes, streams or beaches.

A creative mind, she likes to make crafts and arts such as macramé, homemade candles, among other arts.



Some of the projects in which she participated:

- MyCSite - Website management platform


The MyCsite platform enables the creation of an online shop and the quick and simple management of content. From the simplest website to the development of a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) online sales platform, the MyCsite platform is the e-commerce solution. A website on this platform can have unlimited products, pages, images and languages, without the website becoming slow. It is in constant development so that all our clients' websites are always up to date.


Cláudia contributed with her creativity to the templates and design of our websites, and with her knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) for the creation of various tools and features that contribute to the improvement of the ranking of the websites created on this platform.





  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Graphic design
  • Digital marketing
  • Branding
  • Web design
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