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2023-12-24 18:58

Portable SiFoA in the Netherlands

Portable SiFoA (Automatic Photo System) visited the Netherlands and worked on a slide!

SiFoA Portable - in NederlandThe event in Utrecht, Netherlands, where SiFoA has been working since last Friday, December 22, 2023, has just ended (see news date). SiFoA Portable is a version of our Automated Photo System that can be installed quickly and in almost all types of attractions. The system processed more than +2500 user requests to download photos. It rained during almost the entire event, but the SiFoA with IP55 protection worked non-stop day and night. In the Netherlands the sunset is early and from 5pm it's night, on Friday it worked until 10pm.

The event was promoted to obtain customer contacts (leads), similar to the event in Crato last year. It achieved a lead conversion ratio above 15%, which makes it an excellent marketing tool. Currently, you can rent this system to add to attractions or events where there is adrenaline and the desire to record the most incredible moments of the experience.

Despite the numerous unforeseen events that appeared at the beginning of the project, our team managed to overcome all obstacles and get the system working throughout the event. It only took 2 hours to assemble and 1 hour to disassemble, it is super versatile and can be transported anywhere in the world.

You can see photos and videos from the event on our Instagram or search for #sifoa

To find out more click in: SiFoA

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