Automatic Photo System for Attractions Automatic Photo System

Automatic Photo System for Attractions, Roller Coasters, Zip Lines, Alpine Coasters, etc. Increase the revenue of your attraction with photo souvenirs.


Automatic Photo System for Attractions


We provide a High Speed Photography technology solution to capture the best moments of any ride with our Automatic Photo System, with our system you can capture images automatically, in any spot along your ride and transfer them instantly to a photo booth with preview monitors, where your costumer can see, choose and buy their photos. Monetize and increase the marketing range of your park, party or event by providing your costumer or friends with a souvenir of the best moment they spent in the attraction or event.


Our automated systems are extremely reliable and are compatible with all kinds of rides including high speed attractions, like Roller coasters, Water rides, Log Flumes, Zip Lines, Alpine coasters, ski instances, karts and many other attractions. With a seemless integration, it allows the users to have their images taken anywhere on the ride, in one or more spots per ride. The photos can be identified in several ways, (id, timetag, RFID, QR code, etc) making it easier for the client to find and buy their photos.


The system can provide 4K images to be downloaded (soft copy) or printed (hard copy) with a logo and frame, making them an excellent marketing tool. You can not just increase your revenue by providing this extra souvenir in your park but also extend the marketing range, because those photos will be shown around and shared on social media.


Integrated with our automatic photo system a park mobile app allows the users not just to buy and download their photos but also to receive push notifications about your park and attractions. We can integrate with your own country’s invoicing system and online billing system in order to fully automate the system.


Custom foregrounds can be provided by our or your own graphic designers to add to the marketing potential of the photos.


Our technicians will study any type of attraction and prepare a solution that can be used to take the photos of any ride, all custom fit to your particular situation.




High-speed photos triggered by a sensor – How it works



Creoconcept Automatic High-speed photography - a sensor triggers the camera
The roller coaster cart triggers the sensor
Creoconcept Automatic High-speed photography - the camera takes the photo automatically
The camera automatically takes the photo
Creoconcept Automatic High-speed photography - the computer processes and edits the photo
The computer processes the photo, adding the foreground and frame
Creoconcept Automatic High-speed photography - the customer views and selects their photos
The edited photo appears on a monitor or on the mobile app and/or website for the customers to see and buy *
Creoconcept Automatic High-speed photography - the customer buys the photo
The photo is downloaded or printed out and inserted into a cover with the theme of the partner's brand


* The customer will be able to use the app and / or website to see their photos and videos, and only their own photos and videos, and purchase them right away.


Automatic Photo System for Attractions
Automatic Photo System for Attractions
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