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2023-11-24 12:21

Improved Voucher System on the myCsite eCommerce platform!

We have improved the Voucher system on our myCsite eCommerce platform, now you can share vouchers by email or associate them directly with a registered customer.

On the b2b and b3c eCommerce platform, myCsite, you always could create single and multiple use vouchers, with a fixed value in currency or percentage and minimum value for use, you can also add a deadline for use. Now we have added the functionality of being able to send the voucher directly from the backoffice to a contact or associate it with a customer already registered on the platform. In the latter case, the customer will have the voucher automatically discounted on their next purchase.

To use the voucher system, simply access Shop > Discount vouchers and fill in the details. After adding the voucher, a second form will appear where you can send or associate the voucher with a contact.

The customer can then copy the code and in the shopping cart right after the item summary, they can enter the code sent and the value will be automatically deducted from the total value of the shopping cart.

This update is available to all users of the myCsite platform free of charge.

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