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2021-04-21 17:44


Creoconcept.com - How and why to create a good about us page


How and why to create a good "About Us" page on your website


Your "About Us" page should focus on highlighting the biggest selling points of your story and brand, making a strong impression on curious customers.

If anyone wants to quickly understand your brand, your "About Us" page should be the place to do that.


That's because your "About Us" page is the ideal place for a number of crucial things:

  • Tell the story of your business and explain why you started it.
  • Put a face to your business, add a photo of your founder or most important team members.
  • Describe your target customers.
  • Explain your business model or how your products are made.
  • List the milestones you've achieved and want to achieve in the future.


How your text should develop:

  1. Set the scene: Introduce the characters or setting, and establish the status quo or “the way things were” for you, your target customer, or your industry.
  2. Introduce the problem: Describe the problem that your product solves and what gave you the idea for your product.
  3. Rise to the challenge: Explain how you set out to find a solution (i.e. start your business) and the obstacles you faced along the way.
  4. Arrive at a solution: Share details of how your business is pursuing its purpose and the milestones you’ve hit.
  5. Envision what’s next: Paint a picture of the future for your company or state its mission and goals.


Here are some tips:

Creoconcept.com - How and why to create a good about us page

1. Tell a story

Make your brand seem less corporate, more human. Tell the story of how it was founded, where it began, any struggles you had along the way. People are more likely to remember and even share stories that they find interesting and memorable.


2. State your mission, values and goals for your company

What was your ultimate goal when you started your company? Why did you start it?

Explain what your business stands for and what's important to you as a company.


3. List milestones you've reached and still plan on reaching

Show how proud you are of every milestone you've reached. Explain how you overcame obstacles, how the company grew, how every upgrade has enabled you to provide a better service for your customer.


4. Say how you got the idea for the business and what made you think it was the right idea

What was the problem you were trying to solve? What were you doing when you got the idea? What made you confident that it would be successful?


5. Explain what you're offering

Describe why your customers need your service, what's so great about it and what makes it stand out from the competition.


6. Don't make it too formal, show the humanity behind the company

Most people find it easier to trust real human beings, not corporate robots. Don't be too formal or professional, don't use a lot of big words. Avoid any errors of course, write correctly, but write authentically.


7. Show confidence and creativity

Be original and creative with your page and show that you know what you're talking about. Add some color, some images, maybe even a simple animation. But don't overdo it.


8. Make it easy to skim through and get the main points

Don't forget your titles and subtitles, and break up your main points into different paragraphs. When it makes sense, create lists of short points so it doesn't seem like a wall of text. You don't want people to look at the page and think "I don't have time to read all this!".
Avoid going into too much detail, you're not trying to teach your reader how your industry works.


9. Be humble

Don't hide your mistakes. Instead, explain how you overcame them, what you learned from them, and why you can provide a better service to your customer now.


10. Use media like images and videos

Add some media like photos of the founder or the team or headquarters, a video presentation or tour of the facilities, or some growth charts. This will make it more personal and visually appealing.


11. Know your audience

Know your audience, and make it obvious to that audience the instant they read about you on your website.


12. Have a sense of humor

This helps to inject personality and humor into your "About Us" page. That's how you create memorable, lovable marketing.


13. Don't forget to use your keywords

People aren't the only ones reading your page. Search engine bots are also reading it, so don't forget to inject in your text all those words and phrases you think people who want your product will search for, in ways that make sense.

Your "About us" page can be a great starting point to make your website interesting enough to retain visitors and get your SEO ratings up. It's a large amount of text you can fill with all those keywords that are important for your website to show up on the right searches. 



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