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2021-04-06 11:55

Check your website terms and conditions!

It is the responsibility of the website owner to have the terms and conditions well filled out and updated. Here are some tips of what to include in the terms and conditions of your website with online store to avoid fines.

Always check with ASAE or your local Food and Economic Security Authority which laws are in force.

To update your website's terms and conditions, enter the backoffice, open "Pages" -> "Edit pages". Open the "Terms and Conditions" page and edit the text in the text editor. Follow the checklist on this page and make sure you have all the topics covered in the text in the text editor. When you are finished editing, click "Save".

If the page does not exist, create it by clicking on "Add new page", select the page type "Terms and conditions" and follow the instructions in the same way.



Terms of Use


How it can be done



How they are made and by whom


Delivery times:

Deadline and responsibility for delivery



How the customer can make complaints and who are the responsible entities


Exchanges and returns:

How the customer can make exchanges and to which products does this apply


Damage to goods:

Conditions and liability for damage to goods


Order cancellation for non-payment:

When an order is considered void



If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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