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2020-09-18 14:08

Your restaurant deserves a website!

In this pandemic it has become essential to give your client a place where they can view your digital menu and order your food for take-away or home delivery. With a MyCSite website you can do that.


We know that the popular home delivery platforms are the first thing that comes to your mind, but these platforms charge extremely high fees on each order. It is better to have your own website, which in itself already gives you an excellent online presence, facilitating the search for your customers and giving a more professional look to your restaurant. On the MyCSite platform you can have your own completely unlimited website, so you have the advantage of being able to sell an unlimited amount of products and receive orders through that website, without having to pay any additional fees. Your customers will be grateful because it becomes cheaper for them to order your food online, and you have the comfort of being able to manage your orders and deliveries your way, in one place, charging the prices you want to charge.


Creoconcept has the perfect platform for you, with:

- Shopping cart for home deliveries

- Take-Away option

- Digital menu with QR code

- Special prices for certain customers

- Discount vouchers

- All unlimited

All of this is administered entirely by you and your team from any computer, over the internet, without installation.

Now you have control over everything, making your business even more professional.


MyCSite restaurantes home deliveries online


Contact the Creoconcept team for more information.

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