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2020-04-07 23:01

Update: Google's review service is already working properly and your website or online store can benefit from it.

These reviews also count towards the ranking of your company and website so it is always preferable that you maintain an excellent service that leads customers to speak well of your services.  Especially if you have a web site with an online store it is super important that new customers can measure the quality of your business through the comments of other customers.

Like everything in life, problems happen and the way you react and respond to negative comments can change a negative comment into something positive.

Here are 4 (four) tips that can be of help:

# 1 Be willing to change or alter procedures to improve the issue at hand.  Do not forget to show how and when the changes were made, so that new customers who see the negative comment about your online store will know that they no longer need to fear that the same may happen and that, if it does happen, your company is willing to change to meet customer needs.

# 2 Be willing to talk and show reasonableness.  We know that it can be frustrating, both for the client and for you, to deal with a negative comment and to prepare a big change in procedures, but the open dialogue allows you to see the difficulties that customers face and often a small explanation of the reasons that led to what happened is enough to make the negative comment positive.

If your web site has an online store, it is always necessary to be ready to explain any situation, the entire online sales process depends on many factors (carriers, automated payments, staff, etc) that may cause the process of  purchase / sale and delivery of the product to the customer to be compromised.

# 3 Maintaining a constant flow of comments and reviews from customers is great for increasing the ranking of your web site with online store and achieving more results.

Now that Google's reviews are back to working properly, take advantage of it.  Register your business on Google MyBusiness / Google Maps and let your customers speak for you.

# 4 It will be good practice to activate customer comments on your online store so that other customers who come to your website can make a more informed decision about the product they are buying. It also shows confidence in your product.

If you don't have an online store yet, contact us, we have the right solution for you.

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