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2020-09-16 12:50

Backoffice Update

Did you see a difference in the Backoffice? Thinking about improving your performance and giving you a simpler experience, we made some changes to the MyCSite Backoffice.

UPDATE 20201008
Another update was carried out on the myCsite platform, affected sections: Web design, Online shop, SEO system (search engine optimization)

20201008 # 1 - Online Shop and Products: Due to the new requirements on the part of ASAE in relation to the Display of Prices, a system was created that allows to more easily manage the value per unit of products composed of several units. Websites with web design defined by a template, are updated automatically. If your website has a custom design, confirm that the product page and the list of products in the online store have the new fields formatted correctly.

20201008 # 2 - SEO (search engine optimization) There are new features to help with Search Engine Optimization on your website. Check in your back-office and get to know the new features.


In addition to the improvements in the task manager tool, now the Menu is also organized in order to facilitate its navigation within the back office. We reorganized tools such as: SEO, menu and users, resulting in a more compact and simplified menu.

- Text replacement, Social media and Statistics moved to the SEO tab
- Edit menu order, Add links to the menu and Tags moved to the Menu tab
- User data, Users and User log moved to the Users tab

Did you like the changes? Tell us what we can improve and what your need is within your business.

We are always updating the way we work according to the needs of the market.

Sincerely, Creoconcept Team.


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