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2020-11-12 20:31

If your business is in ​​catering or providing services and selling products, you can now move your business to an online store!

We can create your online store and website in order to continue your business on the internet at low prices.

The covid-19 pandemic is affecting the entire business fabric at a worldwide and national level. The restrictions required to contain this pandemic are forcing businesses and companies to change their strategy and reorganize their business.

While it is not possible for all companies to move to an online strategy, a good portion can do so and we can help.

We can create your online store for sales, rentals and subscriptions, all unlimited, at a low cost and with all the guarantees of success. It is essential to be able to provide services over the internet when customers are unable to visit your store.

The myCsite platform has a take-away and home delivery system for restaurants and companies in the catering area of business.

If you sell products you can join myCsite and have an online store with no limits to sell all kinds of products with functional and modern web design.

Act quickly, don't let this pandemic ruin everything you've worked so hard for!


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