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2020-05-25 17:13

Creoconcept will provide free online training on the MyCSite platform (website management).

May 28 (Thursday), 3 pm, training on how to use MyCSite tools and a Q&A session.

With an average duration of 1h30m to cover everything, the training will be done through the new Facebook meeting platform.


E Learning, Video Call, Online, Webinar, Lesson


Below is the training schedule:

- Access / login (15 minutes)

- Company Data (15 minutes)

- Slide show texts and images (15 minutes)

- Email accounts (15 minutes)

- Questions and answers (30 minutes)


Creoconcept is always thinking about how to make our customers' lives and work easier.

Contact us to receive the link to the training session. Only customers will be accepted.

15:49 06-08-2020
Muito interessante a formação!!
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