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2019-09-18 14:43

Fraudulent Email Alert

Emails were recently sent on behalf of creoconcept informing you that your account would be canceled. These emails are fraudulent and do not come from anyone on our team. This is a common practice that aims to obtain passwords from accounts on certain websites or platforms on the internet in order to gain improper access to your account.


So these are a few ways you can identify if these emails are legitimate or not.

1. Verify that the text makes sense and has no simple translation errors. Words that simply do not fit the meaning of the sentence.

2. Right-click the link and copy the address (URL), then open WordPad or another plain text editor and paste the copied content. The address / path / link / url for the destination site will appear. If the link starts with the phrase "https://www.creoconcept.com" then it is likely to be a legitimate email. If it starts with an unknown domain (http or https://any.com), then it is a fraudulent email.


All our web services are well identified with domains already recognized by our customers.

We hope you are not fooled by this kind of scheme.

If you have opened such a link and entered your username and / or password you should do a password recovery and create a new password. If you have any difficulties or questions contact us as soon as possible.

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