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2019-09-02 18:33

Tip of the day: Free HTTPS yes

Did you know that all MyCsite websites automatically have HTTPS for free?
This is great for the following reasons:

enlightened Search engines love it!
Search engines will favor HTTPS websites over HTTP

enlightened More security for your users
It encrypts POST data so your users' information is much safer from hackers

enlightened It is required to make the website AMP-ready Creoconcept.com AMP HTTPS icon search engine results
AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) load much faster then other sites, which means they get higher rankings in search engines. There are other requirements to make your website AMP-ready, but HTTPS is a good starting point.

enlightened Better ranking in Google's mobile index
Google is indexing mobile pages, and HTTPS websites will be ranking higher then HTTP

enlightened And that annoying "Not secure" warning will stop appearing in the address bar

Creoconcept.com Warning Not Secure




This is specially important if you have an e-commerce website or online shop because, as you can read in this survey, as much as 51% of users leave a website immediately when it's marked as "not secure"!


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