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2021-07-06 16:28

Your customers can now follow your myCsite online store tags

Your customers can now be notified by email every time you add a new product to your online store with the tags they follow. Learn here how to activate it on your website.

Now with this new feature of myCsite, your customers can be notified whenever a new product is added to your online store with the tags or categories that interest them the most.

  1. The customer explores your online store and cannot find the product they're looking for
  2. The customer subscribes to the tags
  3. A new product is added to your online store, and it has the tags that the customer is subscribed to
  4. The customer automatically receives an email with a brief description of the product
  5. The customer clicks on the product, puts it in the shopping cart and places the order!

Recover lost sales without having to do anything!


Even if your site does not have customer login/registration activated, they can follow the tags by just entering their email address.
The customer can cancel the subscription at any time.
This feature applies to all types of services, including orders, bookings, subscriptions and the sale of digital products.


To activate, all you need to do is log in to your backoffice, update your platform, then go to the shop configurations and activate this feature.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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