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Josué - website sales and administration


With over 15 years of experience in programming, web development, search engine optimization (SEO) and graphic design, he leads each of our team's areas following his own experience in each branch.


As the founder of Creoconcept, Josué built the business from scratch, passing through each area of ​​the business himself, creating definitions and standards so that all those who joined the team later could be trained to follow the most effective and optimized standard for each branch. By implementing a policy of creating checklists, flowcharts and web features so that we never have to do the same job twice, Josué was able to create an effective and fast working method, which grows and improves with each new job we do.


As a specialist in programming, web design and graphic design, he developed the first versions of the MyCSite website management platform with the intention of creating a simple, versatile and easy to use platform, to provide small and medium-sized companies with a safe way to sell or advertise their products and services on the internet, at an extremely affordable price.


Over the years, he managed to take Creoconcept to the point where we could have multiple coworkers, each in charge of their business area, enabling him to focus on website sales on the MyCSite platform, and business administration and management, while he continues to actively develop the MyCSite platform.




In his spare time, he does sports and bodybuilding, travel and trips with his kids, volunteer services to the community, manual work and car mechanics, with special interest in old Toyota cars.

He taught himself to take professional photographs in manual mode. This expertise helped a lot in the development of the automatic photo system for roller coasters and especially in the photo system with Chroma Key technology, which automatically adds backgrounds or objects to photographs taken on the spot.



Some of the projects he developed:

- MyCSite - Website management platform

The MyCsite platform enables the creation of online stores and the quick and simple management of content. From the simplest website to the development of a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) online sales platform, the MyCsite platform is the e-commerce solution. A website on this platform can have unlimited products, pages, images and languages, without the website becoming slow. It is in constant development so that all our clients' websites are always up to date.


- Automatic photo system for theme parks and roller coasters

It is the technological solution for images taken at high speeds. Photographs are taken automatically using a sensor, and are instantly transferred to monitors for viewing by customers.
Our automated systems are extremely reliable and fully compatible with all types of tours, including high-speed attractions.


- CreoChroma - Photography software with Chroma Key technology

Seconds after the photograph is taken, it exits the printer with a new background or with new objects added. Photographs are automatically processed as they are taken, and can be immediately printed or not.

A simple portrait of a person can come out of the printer with dinosaurs or elephants or anything else you can imagine, all automatic and fast.


- MyCBiz - Customized business management software

Software created for the company, with all the features you may need to manage jobs, workers, stocks, sales, etc.


- Anti-robot security system that replaces Captcha

Hidden in various forms each of our websites is this software, created by Creoconcept, that protects all websites on the MyCSite platform from spam and robot attacks, without the user having to write codes or select images with objects as is done in Captcha. The user does not even notice that this protection exists.




  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Bash
  • Chroma Key
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Graphic design
  • Photography



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