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2020-09-01 18:21

Find out how you can improve the position of your online store or website on search engines with SEO training for the myCsite platform.

On September 6 and 8, 2020 we will provide training in SEO, applied to the myCsite platform.


If you have a myCsite online store, find out how you can improve your store's position on search engines. The training will show what features are available on the platform for this purpose and give some practical advice to improve your store's overall position in search engine results.

The myCsite platform was developed to facilitate this process and is in constant development. Stay up to date with all the features and best practices to get more visitors to your online store and consequently increase sales.

The training will only be available to myCsite customers.

Send an email, or contact us through the available channels to receive the meeting link 30 minutes before the start.


15h00 - General presentation and operation of SEO tools

15h30 - Best SEO practices and strategy planning

16h00 - Answers to questions

Who can participate: all myCsite and creoconcept.com customers.

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