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Suzanne - web development and web design


Web development and web design are essential parts of our business, as our MyCSite website management platform is constantly being developed and updated, always in line with the needs of our customers.



A part of the team for over 7 years now, Suzanne was an integral part of the development of the MyCSite platform. Focusing on creating simple and easy-to-use features for our customers, while at the same time creating dynamic and optimized websites to do as much as possible with as little code and processing power as possible, resulting in super fast websites and ultra-fast optimized and small databases.


This type of programming can only have advantages for our customers, as they can enjoy websites with online shop and e-commerce sales of thousands of products, each with images and descriptions, and hundreds of orders per day without the website becoming slow.


Our versatile and responsive templates, with desktop, mobile and tablet versions are constantly improving and updating, and their styles are the result of the informed opinions of all our team and our customers, implemented by Suzanne.





She likes to spend her free time building and renovating her home, traveling and going on trips with her 2 dogs and doing crafts such as crochet and other arts.



Some of the projects she worked on:

- MyCSite - Website management platform

The MyCsite platform enables the creation of an online shop and the quick and simple management of content. From the simplest website to the development of a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) online sales platform, the MyCsite platform is the e-commerce solution. A website on this platform can have unlimited products, pages, images and languages, without the website becoming slow. It is in constant development so that all our clients' websites are always up to date.


- CreoChroma - Photography software with Chroma Key technology

Seconds after the photograph is taken, it exits the printer with a new background or with new objects added. Photographs are automatically processed as they are taken, and can be immediately printed or not.

A simple portrait of a person can come out of the printer with dinosaurs or elephants or anything else you can imagine, all automatic and fast.


- MyCBiz - Customized business management software

Software created for the company, with all the features you may need to manage jobs, workers, stocks, sales, etc.



Programming specialties:

  • PHP
  • MySql
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Android apps



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