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2020-10-08 13:32

INFORMATION - Online shops prices display

The legislation for online shops has changed and it is necessary to make changes to your online shop.

According to the website www.asae.gov.pt, the price displayed to the public in online shops must now follow new rules. In summary, the prices of products that have accumulated values (for example a 5 liter bottle of bleach) must now also show the value per unit next to the total price of the product. As such it will be necessary to edit all prices ​​of items in your store that include are more than one liter/kg/m/etc. In accordance with Decree-Laws 138/90 and 162/99 of 26 April and 13 May, food products and others made available to consumers in their online shop must also present the price per unit of measurement.
As an example, if your online shop sells a 5 liter water bottle at € 1.50, you should present the values ​​as follows:
1.50 € / Unit | € 0.3 / Lt

Both values ​​must be present. To accommodate these new changes it will be necessary to make changes to the content and web design of the product page. To make this easier for our clients, Creoconcept.com will later today offer a free update for all MyCSite platforms where you will be able to add the fractional size and units for each product, the website will then automatically calculate and display the price per unit of measurement and adjust the design and layout of the product page on all templates.

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