MyCBiz Rent a car

Acquire the data needed to control the set of strategies and aspects relevant to improving your business. MyCBiz provides you with all the live reports and information you need (reservations, contracts, billing, fleet control, stock control, vehicle pickups and returns, warehouses, CRM, etc.)

Our software solution brings pro-efficiency to your business. It can be regulated from a main point, all bookings are well organized and stored, making your work easier, controlling your inventory and managing all your company's administrative operations on a website.


  • Dashboards and graphs
  • Documents (flight arrivals, contractual conditions, contracts and reservations)
  • Billing (invoice contracts / process invoices)
  • Reports (clients, contracts, fuel discrepancies, availability by car group, vehicle invoicing by group, vehicle expenses, car groups, vehicle history, inquiries, forecast of pickups and returns, reservations, cars, etc)
  • Rates (extras and rates, rate groups, vat values)
  • Vehicles (groups, brands, models and tolls)
  • Entities (agencies, clients, insurance agents and car dealers)
  • General (postal codes, system settings, company data, user details, user instructions, countries, users)
  • Website (design - colors and styles, videos, general website settings, statistics, gallery, car groups, languages, news, pages, highlighted services, online shop)
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